Laser Hair Removal

New Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Maine Laser Clinic now offers Diode laser hair removal, using a 810nm Diode laser. Our new laser uses state of art technology to safely remove unwanted hair. There is no skin type we can’t treat. Our new laser cuts the hair removal process in half. There’s not need to travel to Boston any more. Portland and Southern Maine now has a hair removal machine so advanced people have been traveling as far away as Presque Isle for treatment.

The design of the Coolite Pro is the worlds first fiber couple Diode Laser. The efficiency of this device is amazing! Treatment times are reduced do to the 12x12mm spot size. The sapphire tip within the laser cools the skin, resulting in a gentle Laser Hair Removal treatment. The removal process is a simple out patient procedure.

The laser is perfect for reducing ingrown hairs as well as treating hidradenitis suppurativa.   The other great benefit of using the Diode for hair removal is the wavelength is easily absorbed by pigment within the hair shaft.  Additionally, the laser is twice as fast at treating large areas like the back (usually 30 minutes), and legs.  Older, less effective lasers required longer treatment times, and an extra machine to help cool the skin during treatment.

The Coolite Pro cools the skin during the treatment – making the process tolerable and more importantly, effective at reducing hair by 20% per treatment.

We offer complimentary consultations, so book your appointment today and learn how you can throw away your razor, and enjoy hair free skin that looks as youthful as it did when you were a baby.

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Dr. Amato Polselli