Let’s face it, a double chin can make you look older and heavier no matter what your age or weight. And, in many cases, this type of fat doesn’t respond to lifestyle changes such as diet or exercise. Gone are days treating submental fat [double chins] with extensive and invasive cutting, or liposuction.

Fortunately, there’s a new way to reduce submental without going under the “knife.”


KYBELLA®, an exciting new injectable from Allergan–offered at MAINE LASER CLINIC–works to reduce and eradicate the stubborn submental fat responsible for double chins. KYBELLA® offers virtually pain-free treatment with minimal downtime and no need for anaesthesia. KYBELLA® results offer a beautifully contoured neck that is firm and supple with outstanding definition.

How Does KYBELLA® work?

KYBELLA® contains a naturally occurring molecule (deoxycholic acid) which breaks down fat cells (adipose tissue), leaving other healthy cells intact. Practitioners are able to contour the area without affecting surrounding tissue. KYBELLA® is a non invasive procedure with minimal side effects, so there are less risks when compared to surgery. Additionally, there is limited downtown and less pain sensitivity.

What are the Benefits of KYBELLA®

Volbella is a great option to treat unwated wrinkles around the lips and near the “laugh lines.”  It’s also one of the most malleable fillers on the market.  What does taht mean?  Well, it means that it’s great at being manipulated by the injector.  That’s great, beacause the treament is highliy customizable and results are incredible.

I hate my smoker's lines, will Volbella help?

Yes! That’s the quick answer, however. Smoker’s lines and wrinkles are not made equal. The great benefit of using a filler like Volbella is that it’s great for molding and improving depressions left from compromised skin or aging. Volbella is also a newer product for Allergan.

FDA-approved, safe and effective
Greatest breakthrough in cosmetic science since Botox
Startling results within just a few weeks
Can be performed during your lunch break
Non-surgical, non-invasive, with almost no downtime
Increased self-esteem and quality of life

Benefits of KYBELLA® include…

At MAINE LASER CLINIC, KYBELLA® patients experience hassle-free, little downtime procedure and dramatic results. Increased self-esteem is a common benefit enjoyed by our KYBELLA® patients. People who have been self-conscious about their double chins their entire lives are finally free of that burden. They feel more attractive, happy, and confident. Our KYBELLA® results are definitely more than skin deep.

Kybella before and after


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Note: KYBELLA® is a new procedure, and it’s important to entrust your care to a knowledgeable KYBELLA® provider like MAINE LASER CLINIC. Our skilled Certified Nurse and Doctor are highly-trained professionals ready to administer your treatment in our comfortable and peaceful environment. Contact us today by calling 207.200.6530 to arrange an appointment with us.

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