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Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses laser technology to remove unwanted hair from the body. 


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What are the reasons people seek laser hair removal?

There’s a large part of the population struggling with excessive hair growth, Laser hair removal is a great option to reduce unwanted hair.  There are also medical conditions such as pseudofolliculitis barbe (ingrown hair), polycystic ovarian syndrome, hirsutism and others.  In these cases, laser hair removal helps manage excessive hair growth, which will help improve skin health or sensitivity to shaving.

What lasers are best for treating unwanted hair?

We use advanced lasers such as the Coolite Pro XL, Aerolase LightPod Neo, and Cutera xeo.   These lasers incorporate cutting-edge engineering to safely reduce hair growth.

How does the laser work?

Lasers like the Epilaze platform made by Rohrer Aesthetics, operate at high repetition rates, delivering short pulses effectively penetrating deeper into the dermis where the hair stem cells are located.  This method achieves a higher percentage of power to promote heat build-up.  This method compromises the growth of new hair cells, without discomfort and improves hair reduction.

How many treatments will I need before I see a difference?

It’s not uncommon to see drastic results after one treatment, however.  Expect to have a minimum of 8 or more treatments for lasting hair reduction outcomes.

Diode Laser Hair Removal
Diode Laser Hair Removal
Diode Laser Hair Removal
Diode Laser Hair Removal

What factors determine how well the removal process will proceed?

Characteristics such as hair density, color, location, and hormones will influence the effectiveness of laser hair removal or reduction.  

What kind of laser do you use for people of color?

We use multiple state-of-the-art lasers, however.  The ideal wavelength for hair reduction for people of color is 810nm or 1064nm.  Our go-to lasers are the Coolite Pro, Aerolase LightPod Neo, Cutera Xeo, Epilaze.

Are there any side effects associated with laser hair removal?

Patients experience slight erythema and or swelling, and very infrequently tiny blisters.  Avoiding sun exposure before and directly after treatment is essential.  Being too tanned or having recent sun exposure can result in burning. 

Does laser hair removal work on all hair colors?

Unfortunately no.  Blond, gray, and white hair lack the necessary pigment to absorb laser energy, therefore rendering laser hair removal useless for these hair colors.

What is the cost for laser hair removal?

We offer competitive pricing and excellent package deals at reduced rates.  For a more accurate cost assessment, it’s best to call or have a free consultation for an exact price.  During your consultation, we’ll discuss a customized plan that will work within your budget.    

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Why should you choose 207 LASER™ over others?

You should choose us because we use the best technology and offer the most competitive pricing around.  Also, we have been performing laser procedures for 10 plus-years.  Additionally, our staff has attended hours of training and participates in yearly continuing education.


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