truSculpt iD®

truSculpt iD® is the best-in-class body sculpting for fat reduction device on the market. This non-invasive and non-surgical body-sculpting procedure reduces fat permanently in a simple 15-minute outpatient session.

Is the truSculpt iD® safe?

Yes! The truSculpt iD® is FDA cleared to treat those trouble areas safely with minimal to no downtime!

How does the truSculpt iD® work?

truSculpt iD® is one of the world’s first Monopolar RF (radio frequency) devices that selectively targets fat cells – resulting in lipolysis (cellular death) and reduction of cellulite (fat reduction). The heat generated by the handpiece is the magic sauce used to reduce abdomen circumference and more!

How is the fat removed once it’s targeted by the device?

The therapeutic heat eliminates fact cells and then they’re passed naturally by the body’s urinary system.

Is there any discomfort with the procedure?

The older truSculpt 3D® produced more discomfort as the handpiece generated additional heat. Recent research and proprietary technological breakthroughs have virtually eliminated any discomfort.

Unlike competitor devices that use other fat reduction methods, the newer more advanced features of the truSculpt iD® reduce skin temperature – resulting in less soreness, edema, and erythema (redness).

How long does a body-sculpting treatment take with the truSculpt iD®?

The typical treatment time varies by size. For example, treating the abdomen may take 15-minutes, however. If you’re treating the flanks as well as the abdomen, the duration increases to 15 to 30 minutes.

How long does it take to see a difference and how many treatments will I need?

Like any fine wine, and or snowflake, not two bodies are the same. To that end, research and clinical trials have shown that only 1 treatment is needed! That’s right, one, however. There are outliers and desired results may vary. For example, a person with a higher BMI may require additional treatments. During your consultation, we discuss expectations, cost and more.

Are there any other benefits to heat based fat reduction vs cold induced fat destruction?

Yes there are. The cold method is not clinically proven to induce collagen stimulation, whereas heat based treatments like the truSculpt iD® offer tightening improvements for often loose skin attributed to childbirth, rapid weight loss, and more. Please don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews on realself!

If you’re tired of that stubborn body fat resistant to diet and exercise, then undergoing a truSculpt iD® treatment for fat reduction may be the answer to your problems.  

**results may vary and we do not guarantee any pre-mentioned claims contained wherein

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