New Guidelines and what to expect

Providers and the 207 Laser – formerly Maine Laser Clinic team will be wearing masks for all interactions and treatments.

How do I prepare for my treatment?

Contact the office if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms/
Respond to covid text screening.
Complete all digital forms prior to appointment.
Make sure the treatment area is shaved if we are performing hair removal.
Please remove makeup if the treatment will be performed on the face.

During the treatment what is expected of me?

Please wear your mask for all communications.
If your mask needs to be removed for treatment, it is crucial to remain quiet for the treatment.
Please raise your hand if you need a breather or to speak – this will notify the provider to discontinue treatment and time for you to place the mask on.
Immediately post-treatment, please put your mask back on until you exit the building.
If you need to sneeze, cough etc, you must place your mask over your nose and mouth.

Do I need to sign a waiver prior to my appointment?

Prior to the appointment, please read and sign the waiver :

What do I do if I have a rewards program like Brilliant Distinctions?

If you have a Brilliant Distinctions or an Aspire account, please activate your rewards prior to your appointment.

How do I check-in for my appointment?

CHECK-IN: Upon arrival, please remain in your vehicle to check-in by texting/calling 207.613.6314.

CHECKOUT: Post-treatment, we can process payment and schedule the next appointment once you are in your car in the parking lot. Please call 207.613.6314.

207 Laser - formerly Maine Laser Clinic Team

Health checks (temperature and symptoms check ) of team members prior to their work shift.
Screening team members – if someone they live with or are close to has symptoms if they have been in contact with anyone who has traveled out of state if they have attended gatherings.
Providers and the MLC team wear masks/face shields for all interactions and treatments.
MLC team have been instructed to avoid handshakes, hugs, or similar greetings that break physical distancing.
Each staff member has undergone advanced sterilization and disinfection training based on the guidelines provided by the CDC, OSHA, and the FDA.


Stagger shifts, start times and break times. Virtual/Audio consultations are available. Additional time scheduled in between appointments for additional sanitizing and disinfecting.

No walk-in appointments are available.


Elimination of waiting room.
We have gone digital – forms need to be completed prior to appointment.
Hand sanitizer, tissues, and trash cans are available to clients in the reception area upon entry as well as every treatment room.
Transparent shield barrier for check out.
High-efficiency particulate air filtration units to remove contaminants and clean the air.
Meticulous and Frequent cleaning practices and disinfect high-touch surfaces with EPA registered disinfectant.
Floor markings to encourage physical distancing.

Client Expectations

Clients are contacted 24 hours prior to their appointments to screen for exposure and symptoms. If clients report symptoms, they are rescheduled.
Masks are mandatory.

Temperature checks required for every client.

We appreciate your understanding during these unusual times.

We understand the many challenges each of us faces during these difficult times.  As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have feedback or questions regarding our new COVID preparedness policy.


207 Laser – formerly MLC TEAM